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Safe Nannies

Your complete solution to finding screened nannies with full background checks for hire, when you need quality childcare.

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Child Tracker

Know Where your Kids are during the day when they are out peace of mind. New invaluable State of the art kids GPS technology.

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Kids Wellness

Natural herbal healing, vitamins and wellness products for kids, safe proven and completely natural pediatric choices.

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Self Esteem

As a parent your job is to help your child succeed in a difficult world, and for this they need self confidence and self esteem. Here’s how you can help.

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Internet Safety

Is your child safe when they’re online alone? How would you know? The Internet is a haven for child molesters, sexual offenders and pedophiles.

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Reading Skills

The ability to read is vital for success. It helps your child succeed in school, helps them build self-confidence, and helps to motivate your child.

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Parenting Tips

The quickest way to get a child to open up is to do something silly. Let’s all stop taking our adult selves so seriously and head to the playground with our young people. Don’t be afraid to have a tea party with your 4-year-old, pretend you’re a horse and let your child climb on your back or go toss a Frisbee in the backyard even if that is not strength of yours. I believe it’s a great thing for them to see us not succeed and still carry on. It will give them permission to do the same.

Be Silly With Your Kids

( Lindsay McCarthy Pennsylvania )

We sit around the table for dinner every night which we have made compulsory. Everyone gets a chance to talk about the day's events, school work or to air problems and grievances. Make sure you communicate openly with your kids and show them that you are there for them.

Communicate With Your Children

( Aspen Rudman Oxford UK )

I found that allowing my son to get involved on all the activities in our family has modified his behaviour to do more around the house and as a result he has become more confident. My wife has taught him to cook and I have shown him how to do many practical tasks around the house as well.

Child behaviour Tip From Chris

Modelling Children’s Behaviour

( Christopher Niven U.S )

Teach teenagers responsibilities as soon as you can, and show them that you can trust them by leaving them alone with responsibilities you can entrust them with. We get them involved in cooking and laundry and budgeting. For example like we have done, you can send them shopping for groceries with a list and a certain amount of cash, allow them to work out how much it will all cost them.

Tips for Teens by Heather

Young Adults Responsibilities

( Heather Berkeley London )

I think that a lot of us feel like our children should have an intrinsic desire to read… just for the love of reading, because most adults get that feeling. You will be amazed that withy the right tools and training children can start reading from a very young age. As a parent invest in a reading training course for kids that really works like I have... and help them through it motivating them by rewarding them as they progress!

Children Reading Tip From marie

Reading From as Young as Possible

( Marie Venter SA )

Find something to keep the kids busy. This may be easier said than done, depending on the age of your kids. However, most of us have a handful of activities that will get our kid’s attention for at least a bit of time. TV and screen time are often helpful for when you have something that needs to get done, but I think most of us will admit this isn’t the most ideal solution. Think creatively and buy activity toys like coloring in and reading books that will keep them occupied... Worked for me.

Janet keep Kids Busy Tip

Keeping Kids Busy

( Janet Grobler AUS )

Children Training Courses